About Us

Verified® Vapes was established in response to market demand for high-quality, safe, reliable custom vape pen design and vape pen battery technology.

Our product line is setting the new industry standard with high-quality Verified® vape hardware. We offer a variety of vape cartridge hardware ranging from wholesale ceramic vape cartridges, empty cartridges, 510 refillable cartridges. Along with our vape pen cartridge wholesale options, we also offer the best 510 thread battery and auto draw 510 battery solutions. By offering a variety of premier 510 thread battery wholesale choices, Verified® has the ability to stand apart from other disposable vape suppliers.

Our vape hardware employs state-of-the-art security features; tamper-proof mouthpieces, batch codes, and anti-counterfeiting seals, and every vape cartridge is sanitized with ultra-violet light. Verified® Vapes exceeds all North American standards for heavy metals testing, and are lead-free.

We ensure the highest quality of products by strict supply chain management. Our security features include: tamper-proof mouthpieces, sanitation by ultra-violet lighting, and batch codes.

Safety and Quality is the Verified® Standard

A Responsible Solution

At Verified®, we believe that robust regulation and the education of consumers is key in the selection of safe, authenticated, and certified vaporizer products. By educating consumers on the importance of safe, well-tested and high-quality vaping materials, we can help displace the black market.

Reviews of the vaping industry have revealed that many products implicated in lung illnesses originated in the illicit market with untested components and ingredients.

A well-defined and executed public policy and corporate responsibility will protect consumers from tainted extracts, counterfeit vapes, and related products.

Educating consumers on product selection and how to identify counterfeit cartridges and vaporizers will protect consumers, and facilitate the safe consumption of your products.

Our Solution

By offering a premier product line of vaporizer hardware sourced from GMP and ISO certified facilities, Verified® provides your consumers with products that exceed industry testing standards. By eliminating the use of harmful heavy metals and lead-based materials, Verified® is an ideal choice as a premier disposable vape supplier and ceramic vape cartridge wholesale, and 510 thread battery wholesale provider.

Along with our impressive line of safe to use products, we also offer the option to brand your own vape pen. Whether you are seeking to design a custom 510 thread battery or need ideas for a custom vape pen design, our educated and experienced Verified® Team will help you in the process of branding your own vape pen or vape pen battery.

If your goal is to provide consumers with well-branded, safe, authentic, tested and certified vaping products- then look no further than Verified® Vapes. Contact our professional and knowledgeable Verified® Team for more information on our wholesale vaping product options.

Why choose Verified®

Many brands are now switching over to verified. We strive to provide the highest quality service and product. Our customer service succeeds that of our competitors and our lead times are extremely fast!

Safe & Reliable

✔ Tamper-proof mouthpieces
✔ Certificates of authenticity
✔ Seals
✔ Sanitation by ultra-violet lighting
✔ Failure rate 0.005 (1/2,000)
✔ Batch codes

Superior Supply Chain

Verified® Vapes’ products have been manufactured in facilities that are ISO certified and meet GMP standards. With Verified® products, you can brand your own vape pen or vape pen battery with materials that exceed North American standards for heavy metals testing and are lead-free.

Exceeds Compliance

At Verified®, we set the tone for the industry. Our authenticated Verified® vape pen battery and vape pen cartridge options utilize hardware that meets regulatory compliance standards ensuring safety and reliability. Our impressive array of products include empty 510 vape cartridges, custom 510 thread battery options, draw activated 510 battery and custom vape pen design. As with all Verified® materials, these products pass rigorous testing and certification.

Innovative Vape Tech

Verified® Vapes… designed to deliver a safe, smooth vaping experience. Verified® vape cartridges and vape pen batteries feature scientific engineering that produces enhanced terpene flavors and substantial vaporization. At Verified®, we also offer the option to brand your own vape pen with our custom vape pen design or custom vape cartridge options.


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