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Are My Verified® Cartridges Real

By May 22, 2020July 13th, 2021No Comments

Are My Verified® Cartridges Real?

Extractors choose Verified® for its reputation in both safety and reliability, but how can you tell whether your cartridges are real? Just because it seems to be genuine does not necessarily mean that it is. It could be a counterfeit attempting to take advantage of the confidence consumers have in the Verified® brand.

To make sure your Verified® cartridges are real, look for the following items.

1. Verified® Branded Box

As soon as you purchase your Verified® cartridges, you will see one especially important sign that it is real: the box. Verified® cartridges come in branded boxes. If the box is not correct, then you should be sure to pay extra attention to the other points on this list.

2. Cartridges Always Come Sealed

As you open the box to look at the cartridges you should notice a thin layer of plastic wrap sealed around your cartridges. This step is critical in stopping contamination during storage and transportation.

3. Verified® Hologram

Unfortunately, it is easy to copy a regular box design and make a fake version. This would make it possible to get around the first item on this list and pass non-verified® cartridges off as the real thing. To make sure this does not happen, look for the Verified® hologram. The hologram can be found on the plastic wrap that surrounds the cartridges. Holograms are notoriously hard to fake, especially when they have unique details. Seeing this hologram should give you a strong confidence boost in the authenticity of your cartridges.

4. Verified® Logo on the Bottom of the Cartridge

Look at the bottom of the cartridge itself before you finish confirming that it is in fact genuine. Each cartridge will have an etched Verified® logo and a batch number. These details and nature of the etching make it hard to replicate, this is one of the best confirmations that you have a genuine product.

5. SKU/Codes Printed on Box

Finally, go back to the box that your cartridges came in. Look for the SKU or other codes. There should be one of these on all Verified® branded products. It is common for fakes to overlook this small detail, which is why this is one of most important items to pay attention to when confirming your cartridges are real.

Why It Is Worth the Effort to Confirm Your Cartridges Are Real

At first, it may seem like a hassle to check if your Verified® cartridges are real. However, doing so will only take a minute or two at the most. Then, you can rest easy knowing that your cartridges are genuine without any doubts nagging at the back of your head.

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