It can be incredibly annoying when you are ready to enjoy your vape only to discover that your cartridge is clogged. Unfortunately, clogged cartridges are a fact of life for most people who prefer vaping cannabis oils. The good news is that once you understand why your cartridge keeps getting clogged, you will be better equipped to prevent this from happening in the future.

Extractors choose Verified® for its reputation in both safety and reliability, but how can you tell whether your cartridges are real? Just because it seems to be genuine does not necessarily mean that it is. It could be a counterfeit attempting to take advantage of the confidence consumers have in the Verified® brand.

To make sure your Verified® cartridges are real, look for the following items.

Anyone who vapes should be able to tell if their cannabis vape cartridge is full. This is an especially useful skill, but it can be harder to tell than many people realize.

There are a few reasons that someone may want to know if their vape cartridge is full. In the case of new vape cartridges, confirming that it is full lets you ensure that you got the product you paid for.

In response to the vape crisis, cannabis and CBD operators across the supply chain must do their due diligence with sourcing all raw materials that ultimately go into a product used by consumers. By taking due diligence to the next level we can advance consumer safety and confidence in vape consumption.

As volumes of evidence has shown, the vape crisis originated out of dangerous additives added to vape carts sold in the illicit market.

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