Precise Cartridge Filling Machine

Cart Filling Machine

Verified® Precise Cartridge Filling Machine

Lessen the workload and cut down on production time with the Verified® Precise Cartridge Filling Machine. This Vape Filling Machine consists of an impressive internal heating rod, so there is no need for a bulky heating jacket around the transparent tube. This cartridge filling machine kit is ready to use and comes with everything you need (besides the oil) to get started filling cartridges right away. It is perfect for filling empty cartridges for ready-to-use disposable vape pens.


Along with all of our other vaping equipment, the Verified® Precise Cartridge Filling Machine is designed with the highest quality products guaranteed to deliver efficient results.

• Capacity: 25ml
• Adjustments: 0.5ml / 1.0ml / 1.5ml / 2.0ml / 2.5ml
• Temperature Range: 0-100º C
• Input Power: 40W
• Voltage: AC 100-240V
• Power Line: 1.5m


Certificate Of Analysis | Technical Data Sheet

Company-Specific Certificates:

ISO 9001 | GMP

Technical Specifications

As a premier disposable vape supplier, Verified® is proud to offer the highest quality and cheapest vape wholesale options. By offering a variety of vaping hardware and bulk disposable vape pen products, Verified® Vapes is here to supply your brand with any and all vaping hardware needs.

Included Items:

[1] Cartridge Filling Gun
[1] Temperature Controller
[1] Power Cable (5ft.)
[1] Heating Cable (3ft.)
[1] Silicone Tube
[2] Stainless Steel Needles
[8] Silicone Rings

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