Verified® Products

Verified® is a global leader committed to reshaping the vape industry. From the beginning, we’ve been developing and manufacturing innovative technologies and new hardware to enhance the way people vape concentrates.

Every piece of Verified® hardware is engineered with our proprietary ceramic core technology, designed to provide superior vapor quality and maximum flavor profiles. Every product goes through a rigorous multi-tiered quality control process to ensure the highest standard is always met.


Verified® CORE Series

Glass Cartridges

Verified® CORE Series

Resin Cartridges

Verified® GHOST Series

Full Ceramic Cartridges


Verified® BREEZE

Verified® NOVA

Verified® HALO


Verified® All-In-One CORE Series

Glass Disposable

Verified® All-In-One GHOST Series

Full Ceramic Disposable


Verified® PRECISE

Cartridge Filling Machine

Verified® Arbor Press

Cartridge Capping Machine

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