Verified® All-In-One “Ghost Series” Ceramic Disposable

Verified® All-In-One “Ghost Series” offers the impressive and revolutionary technology of ceramic based disposables. By eliminating the possibility of exposure to harmful metals, Verified® Ceramic Disposables are composed of fully ceramic materials. The “Ghost Series” Full Ceramic Cartridge makes use of an impressive built-in carburetor design that provides consistent airflow control. By utilizing premium materials, Verified® “Ghost Series” provides optimal heat conduction and the best-in-class performance offering our consumers to indulge in pure flavor and powerful potency.

Certificate Of Authenticity | Technical Data Sheet

Company-Specific Certificates:
ISO 9001 | GMP


A high-quality ceramic core delivers the full flavour of oils. Its porous material absorbs thick oils without contact with the heating element, preserving the oils’ purity. The heating element delivers ultimate flavors.


  • Volume: 0.5ml
  • Aperature: 1.0mm or 2.0mm
  • Mouthpiece options: bullet mouthpiece and ceramic